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1986 Schwinn Cruiser Supreme 6
« on: March 29, 2023, 02:47:35 PM »
This was missing the wheels when I got it.

Used cruiser wheels with aluminum rims, new white wall tires, old school Schwinn spoke guard (big), 6 speed freewheel. All new cables and housing. The original housing was red and had faded to a pale pink. The cables were rusted.  Brake pads replaced.  Hubs, bb & headset bearings regreased. Chain lubed.  Rides pretty good but its too small for me.  Listed in 3 sizes that year and this is the small.  The foam grips and bar covers are poor but original so I left those to a new owner to replace.  The bike was covered in a yellowish over spray from someone's garage project.  I used steel wool to get it off the frame and some parts. I went around the screen print lettering.  The remains of the tiny "Supreme" lettering just vanished as I looked at it.  The big 6 on the seat stay is for the number of gears.  Lots of chips in the paint (no rust) so I sprayed a bit of clear on it to slow future rusting.  1 mile test ride.  Ready for this Saturday's Ignaz Schwinn Birthday bike ride.

1986 so it's made by Giant in Taiwan.  Has the Giant date code and the paper Giant Schwinn inspection sticker.  The dealer put their decal on the frame right over the  "Made In Taiwan"...  This was a dealer practice for a while after the Chicago factory closed down to disguise the origin.  After 85 years of made in Chicago, some dealers had issues with Chinese made bikes.  Totally over geared. The 46t sprocket is just too big.  I rode mostly in 1 2 3.  Just tried 4 5 6 to make sure it all works.  A bigger freewheel (and long cage der) with a smaller sprocket would be good in hilly areas.

In the catalog that year, the mens  bike was a 6 speed, the ladies frame version was a 5 speed.  <Insert comment about the male run company here>
Giant date is 0186  (frame built in January 1986)
Head badge is 0356  (bike assembled Feb 14 1986)
Serial is 6020170   (first digit is the year?)

I like the head badge coloring.  Red on gold. That would be a keeper if the frame was trashed.  The letters are stamped more deeply and cleanly.  Too bad it's riveted on.  I have plenty of the plain black on white that could be substituted.

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Re: 1986 Schwinn Cruiser Supreme 6
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2023, 12:36:42 AM »
That's pretty cool. Rick has his pick of many different bikes to ride to celebrate Ignaz. I think these bikes are pretty nice but I had to pass on one a few years back because it's just too small for me. Have fun on the Ignaz ride Rick.