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Peugeot PX10
« on: March 23, 2021, 11:06:24 PM »
1972 or 1974. 
Where to start. 
The PX10 was Peugeot's racing bike used in the Tour de France by many French teams and riders for a decade.  Peugeot marketing made every model look the same and they didn't put model numbers on the bikes.  I question their intent.  Other companies did the same. Bianchi and Trek in their early years.  From 20 feet away, it's hard to tell it from the UO8 entry level model.

This bike rides just incredible.  When I go up hills, it just doesn't slow down.  A hill that would have me struggling to keep a bso or a cruiser going doesn't slow me down on the PX10. It's not a plush ride like a  Schwinn Prelude or a Litespeed. You notice right away that when you push on the pedals, the bike jumps forward.   It's a bit big for me (from the era when all race bikes were only sold in 1 frame size).  I keep it for the annual Bastille Day ride.  I used to get a different French bike every year, fix it up for the ride, then sell it off.  But not this. It's a keeper. I have a proper crank waiting to be installed.  It has a Simplex derailleur.  Note that Simplex made 30 models of rear derailleurs.  The most common model, the Prestige, was put on most bikes sold in the USA on entry level bikes from Raleigh and every French maker.   That cheap plastic Prestige model destroyed everyone's opinion of Simplex.  It alone probably did more to boost Suntour & Shimano as legitimate derailleur makers.   Many of the Simplex derailleurs were actually quite good.  You just don't get those on mass market bikes.  The rear derailleur on this bike looks like the cheap all plastic version but it is the Simplex Criterium model.

The PX10 was sold in 2 versions: clincher or tubular rims & tires.  The previous owner said it had tubulars but he had them changed out. He also reported he got the bike from Alexi Grewal's father in Colorado in the early 1970s.

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Re: Peugeot PX10
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2021, 07:30:51 AM »
Definitely a keeper!

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