Author Topic: Bastille Day ride (July 14) Cedar Rapids, Iowa  (Read 1523 times)

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Bastille Day ride (July 14) Cedar Rapids, Iowa
« on: May 28, 2015, 11:03:42 AM »
This is your early notification.

We will be celebrating Bastille Day (French national independence day) on July 14 with a Bastille Day bicycle ride. Meet up at Sokol Park at 16th Ave and A Street SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, at 6 pm.

Bring your French bike to ride and show off and wear a French costume of your choosing!  LOOK! This is your TIME to get your vintage PEUGEOT, GITANE, STELLA, HOSTELER, MOTOBECANE, JUNET, LeJUNET, RENE HERSE, LeJUNNE, FOLLIS, SINGER, AUTOMOTO, VITUS, CAMINARGENT or HIRONDELLE out and dust it off. Air up the Michelin tires for an easy evening ride.  Mixte, Fixie or Tandems are all good.

We will have our cake and eat it too. And something to wash it down.

If you don't have a French bike, this is your early notice to start searching for one.

We will be observing the start of the 99% overthrowing the 1% 226 years ago when they laid the foundation for human rights.

Rick Paulos
Le C├Ędre L'eau bouillante, Dans l'Iowa.

PS, if you don't want to travel to Iowa, feel free to start your own Bastille Day ride in your community.

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Re: Bastille Day ride (July 14) Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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Shame I don't have any French bike left.  Sounds gran!
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Re: Bastille Day ride (July 14) Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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Does a French name made in Taiwan count?